WINNIPEG -- The prime minister made a surprise virtual visit to a Winnipeg Canadian history class.

On Thursday, students in the Grade 11 class at Vincent Massey Collegiate got the opportunity to ask Justin Trudeau any question of their choosing. MP Jim Carr also joined the conversation.

The visit was a surprise for both students and staff, as the school only found out about the virtual meeting two days before it was set to take place.

Teacher Chris Yard said the visit was an opportunity for students to see that they’re living though a historical event.

“The conversations were largely around the current pandemic,” he said,

“So it was a great chance for them to engage in current events.”

Grade 11 student Abby Jackson said the meeting was informative.

“Everything he answered was to my level,” she said.

“I think a lot of students appreciated that it was towards children and not other politicians. He answered every question with a lot of details and everything, which I think we all appreciated.”

Jackson said she will remember the experience for a long time, noting the fact that it was virtual helped to calm her nerves.

“In-person I think that would’ve added a little more pressure, but I think regarding the situation and everything it was a very good experience,” she said.

Yard added it was a great way to engage students in the political process.

“Kids were extremely excited when it was announced,” he said.

“I had students in other classes begging to come into the room, begging to get onto the teams. They were extremely excited to do it and I think that speaks to the fact that it is a very important thing for students to engage in and they were really excited to meet the prime minister.”