Chloe Giesbrecht, 17, has a warning for others after getting a call from police for a re-tweet she meant as a joke.

One of her classmates had posted frustration about a school project where students have to care for electronic babies.

Her friend had tweeted: “I am going to kill this baby.”

Chloe re-tweeted it and added multiple hashtags, including: #killerofkids and #babyabuse.

She also added the Winnipeg police's Twitter handle, which prompted the call from officers.

Giesbrecht said she didn't realize that Winnipeg police had a Twitter account and had seen friends use the handle in jokes before. She wants others to avoid her mistake.

Police said they have to treat tweets seriously.

No charges were laid in this case but in certain instances it is a possibility, similar to someone prank-calling 911.

- with a report from Alesia Fieldberg