Two city homes were shot at within the last two days and CTV News has learned this may be the result of rising tensions between rival Winnipeg gangs.

A house on Stranmillis Avenue was shot at just before 4 a.m. Wednesday morning. Moments later, the couple sleeping inside say they noticed smoke pouring from the basement. Their son lives there, but he wasn't home.

CTV News has learned their son is the current president of the Rock Machine gang and was the intended target.

Just a day before, another home with alleged ties to the Rock Machine was shot at on Canberra Road.

"The incidents look similar in nature. Our organized crime unit is investigating both but at this time they are being investigated as separate," said Const. Natalie Aitken of the Winnipeg Police Service.

In February 2010, CTV News first reported of a feud brewing between the Hells Angels, their affiliates, the Redlined Support Crew and the Rock Machine.

In a search warrant, one veteran officer stated tensions were high and violence imminent. This came after a member of the Rock Machine was lured to a business on St. Mary's Road then beaten with a stool by Redlined members.

Police seized a loaded 9mm handgun from a Redlined member's home on Mighton Avenue in Elmwood. They were apparently keeping the gun handy in case of a surprise attack.

The news has left those living on Stranmillis Avenue unsettled. Some residents are concerned this could be the beginning of a summer plagued by gang violence.

The Hells Angels and the Rock Machine have clashed in the past. In the mid 90s in Quebec, 150 people were killed in a biker war, one that didn't end until a truce was called.

Police wouldn't comment on a motive for either shooting. No arrests have been made.

-- with a report by CTV's Stacey Ashley