WINNIPEG -- The number of Manitobans who have been moved to ICUs in Ontario is now seven.

Shared Health said in the last 24 hours two more COVID patients have been moved from Manitoba to Ontario, to help with capacity.

"As an extension to the Ontario Health North agreement discussed during yesterday's news conference, one of the two patients transferred last night was sent to hospital in Ottawa," a spokesperson for Shared Health said in an email to CTV News.

The spokesperson said having Ottawa as an option to send patients gives Manitoba more flexibility to move patients.

The other transferred patient went to North Bay.

Shared Health expects more people to be sent to Ontario as well.

"Another four ICU patients are tentatively scheduled for transfer later today."

So far, there are four patients in Thunder Bay, and one each in Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay and Ottawa.

"This agreement is part of contingency planning to support our health-care system during this period of significant demand. We will continue to keep any and all options open to ensuring appropriate patient care is safely provided to those who need it."

There are currently 119 people in ICU, 74 of which are COVID-19 patients. Ten of the 74 patients are under 40.