WINNIPEG -- It's something you would think could happen in a kids’ TV show, a moose and a horse becoming friends.

But in Cowan, Man. that is exactly what happened.

Gordie Boychuk said just before Christmas he noticed a horse on his neighbour’s property staring off at another animal.

"The horse was kind of looking way out far. Then we noticed there was a moose way out there and all of a sudden the moose came out of the bushes and came out to the field and the horse was kind of scared and took off back toward the building," said Boychuk.


Source: Arlene and Gordie Boychuk

He said that happened a few times that day and then about a week later the moose was back.

"The horse was kind of curious and it became braver and braver and they came closer together."

Boychuk said the moose comes back every week and just stands with the horse adding he saw the two hanging out a few days ago.

Moose and Horse

Source: Arlene and Gordie Boychuk

He said he sees wildlife all the time because he lives on a farm but he has never seen an interaction like this.

"You don't see this … this is actually the first time seeing a moose this close to a horse."

Boychuk can't really explain why these two beasts have become friends but he said he is going to continue to watch them anytime the moose comes around.

He did mention that the moose is a female and there is a chance it could be having a baby in the near future.

"How long will she hang around here? I don't know. Maybe once she has the little one she will take off. I don't know."