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Two Winnipeg city councillors acclaimed ahead of upcoming election

Winnipeg City Hall

Two Winnipeg city councillors will be returning to city hall after the election as nobody registered to challenge for their seats.

Councillors Markus Chambers, who represents the St. Norbert-Seine River ward, and Devi Sharma, who represents the Old Kildonan ward, will both be acclaimed as city councillors.

Chambers was first elected as city councillor during the 2018 election, while Sharma has held the seat in Old Kildonan since 2010.

The remaining 13 council seats are up for grabs during the Oct. 26 election.

Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood and St. James will have new representatives as councillors Kevin Klein and Scott Gillingham are both running for mayor.

The nominees for city council in each ward can be found below. All information comes from the City of Winnipeg’s election site.


  • Hal Anderson;
  • Evan Duncan;
  • Brad Gross;
  • Gordon Penner;
  • Steve Minion;

Daniel McIntyre

  • Cindy Gilroy (incumbent);
  • Salvatore Infantino;
  • Omar Kinnarath;

Elmwood-East Kildonan

  • Ryan Kochie;
  • Jason Schreyer (incumbent);

Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry

  • Sherri Rollins (incumbent);
  • Michael Thompson;


  • Ross Eadie (incumbent);
  • Aaron McDowell;
  • Ed Radchenka;
  • Natalie Smith;
  • Steve Snyder;

North Kildonan

  • Jeff Browaty (incumbent);
  • Andrew Podolecki;

Point Douglas

  • Moe Eltassi;
  • Joe Pereira;
  • Vivian Santos (incumbent)

River Heights-Fort Garry

  • Brant Field;
  • John Orlikow (incumbent);
  • Gary Lenko

St. Boniface

  • Matt Allard (incumbent);
  • Marcel Boille;
  • Nicholas Douklias

St. James

  • Eddie Ayoub;
  • Tim Diack;
  • Shawn Dobson;
  • Daevid Ramey;
  • Kelly Ryback;

St. Vital

  • Derrick Dujlovic;
  • Brian Mayes (incumbent);
  • Baljeet Sharma;


  • Steve Lipischak;
  • Shawn Nason (incumbent);
  • Wally Welechenko;
  • Russ Wyatt;

Waverley West

  • Janice Lukes (incumbent);
  • Pascal Scott; Top Stories

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