WINNIPEG -- Two Winnipeg restaurants are facing thousands of dollars in fines for breaking public health orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Manitoba government, Arabesque Hookah Café and Lounge, located on Corydon Avenue, and Pony Corral, located on Pembina Highway, have each been fined $2,542 for not complying with the public health measures issued by the chief public health officer.

The tickets were issued Wednesday, but neither of the establishments were closed.

Other Manitoba businesses fined for breaking public health restrictions include: Daughter on Call, Joey’s Only Seafood Restaurant, Executive Bath, Sung’s Restaurant, Beauty Infinity, Thi Bui, JT’s Club, California Nails, and Ruby Nail Bar.

Manitoba can issue fines of $486 for individuals and $2,542 for corporations for not following the health orders.