Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship confirmed it killed two wolves in Victoria Beach.

Residents have been on edge since several dogs from the area were killed.

Victoria Beach Police believe wolves were responsible for at least two deaths.

Heather Werner, a cabin owner in the area, said it is concerning to have so many wolves attacking family pets.

“The more they catch, the better we can sleep. And not worry about the dogs,” said Werner, who owns a small dog.

Conservation hired the Manitoba Trapper's Association to trap the problem wolves.

It believes there are four wolves total.

Conservation said it is difficult to relocate wolves, and that the animals may run into a competing pack.

"They would likely be killed by that pack or displaced, forced out of the area and then they end up back in a fringe area perhaps causing other conflicts," said Barry Verbiwski with conservation.

Verbiwski said hair and tissue samples were taken to determine the genetics of the wolves.

He also said a veterinary lab will perform a necropsy to see if the wolves had any abnormalities.

Additionally stomach samples were taken from one wolf believed to be directly related to the fourth dog attack.

Verbiwski said the Trapper's Association was given an extended deadline to find the last two wolves.