The University of Manitoba has received $8.4 million in funding for children’s healthcare, specifically for clinical trials, and giving children safer and more effective medicine.

The funding—which is coming from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Research Manitoba and the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba—is part of the Innovation in Pediatric Clinical Trials project.

In addition to safer medication, the main goal of the project is to give doctors a stronger database for prescribing medication to children, according to a release from the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba. It will also explore new study methods.

Institutions elsewhere across Canada are also contributing financially, including the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

“I’m thrilled that the investment today from CIHR, Research Manitoba and Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba will contribute to better and safer treatments for children in the areas of gastroenteritis, bronchiolitis and pain management at emergency departments nationwide,” said Dr. Terry Klassen in the release. Klassen is the CEO and scientific director at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba and is leading the project.