The University of Winnipeg is contemplating changing the names of its sports teams, which currently carry the Wesmen moniker, to make the name more gender inclusive.

The name Wesmen is short for Wesley men, referencing Wesley College, where the U of W now stands.

"The term itself is gender-confined and language matters, so this is one of those areas where we're thinking it's time for that kind of change here," said Jeremy Read from the University of Winnipeg.

The Wesmen name for the University of Winnipeg's teams stretches back more than four decades.

Some people are speaking out, saying they remain committed to the Wesmen name.

"It has nothing to do with being feminine or not feminine - we don't look at it that way. We feel our identity across the nation, in North America, is University of Winnipeg Wesmen. That's us," said Tanya McKay, the women's basketball coach and a former Wesmen player.

The university said it would consult with a range of groups, including athletes, alumni, students, faculty, staff, and fans, about the name.