WINNIPEG -- Uber is getting closer to operating in Winnipeg.

The ride-sharing company said in a message to CTV News it applied for a dispatch licence with the City of Winnipeg on Wednesday.

“City approval and enough qualified drivers are the final two milestones remaining for Uber to launch later this year,” a spokesperson for Uber wrote to CTV Winnipeg.

The company announced in March it planned to expand its services into Winnipeg, which was one of the last major cities to not have ridesharing. Uber said at the time of the announcement they planned on launching by the end of spring. A date for the launch has not been released.

A specific date for Uber’s launch was not available, although the company said it’s looking for drivers. Interested drivers with a safe driving record can start the sign-up process at


Uber also announced new safety measures coming into place starting Monday for drivers and passengers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Everyone using Uber must wear a mask or face covering while in the vehicle. The company said drivers and users are encouraged to cancel their trips if they don’t feel safe, including if a driver or rider is not wearing a mask.

All Uber drivers must take a selfie with a mask or face covering on before they can start accepting trips. Uber said it has technology in place to verify if drivers are wearing masks, and will let the rider know when drivers are on their way for pickup.

Riders and drivers will also have to confirm they’ve taken steps to stop the spread of COVID-19.