The University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) and the University of Manitoba have reached a tentative four-year settlement, which will be put to a ratification vote in the coming days.

The new contract includes job protections for academic librarians and instructors, as well as an increase to the minimum number of UMFA members required to be on the University payroll.

“We approached the administration with an expedited offer last month, recognizing the anxiety of students about this round of negotiations, and with items of importance still outstanding from the last round of bargaining,” said UMFA President Janet Morrill in a release. “We are pleased that the administration agreed to settle these matters quickly, as they protect UMFA members and the quality of education at U of M.”

The contract also includes a compensation increase for the first three years up to one per cent. There will be a negotiation of monetary items only in year 4, to cover the last year of the contract.

“”Interference from the government significantly hampered our negotiations” President Morrill said in the release.

“The constitutional implications of what the government has done shouldn’t be taken lightly.”