WINNIPEG -- The union representing some Manitoba Hydro workers has served the Crown corporation with a 48-hour strike notice.

According to a statement on the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 2034 website from March 7, the union gave Manitoba Hydro the required two-day notice of IBEW’s intent to engage its members who work at Hydro, in strike action.

“In keeping with previous practice, IBEW is willing to provide a minimum of two hours’ notice for site specific strike action, and to perform any duties necessary for safe operations during said two-hour period,” the notice said.

 The union noted that this notice doesn’t take its members out, but rather shows the Crown corporation that the union has fulfilled the necessary legal requirements to call a strike.

IBEW added that it also warns Manitoba Hydro that if a strike becomes necessary, it will only get two hours notice before the labour action commences.

“Hydro is now aware that it will have just a very short window in which to prepare for the impact that any strike action might generate,” the union said in a statement, adding that it will provide any further developments as soon as it can.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Manitoba Hydro said the organization and IBEW have been working with a conciliator to try and reach an agreement. Both parties will meet again Tuesday.

“While we remain hopeful that a strike can be avoided, Manitoba Hydro has developed and implemented contingency plans to help ensure emergency and essential services, as well as public safety, are maintained throughout any labour disruption,” the spokesperson said.