Lake Winnipeg vacationers say the blue-green algae issue is getting worse after the Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach issued a water advisory.

Residents in the R.M. of Victoria Beach are swimming less this weekend after many said the lake’s blue-green algae issue is getting worse in the surrounding area beaches.

“This year, I’d say it’s worse than I’ve seen it,” said Penny McMorris , Reeve of Victoria Beach.

“There’s not much we can do at this point with the quality in the lake.”

Beachgoers say the algae is becoming more “thick” and “soupy” along the shores.

“It’s like someone poured a can of paint in the water,” said Lisa Sawka, a cottager in Sandy Bay.

“I think the duration that they stay [algae blooms] is a little longer each time.”

Phosphorus is one agent that causes algae blooms in the lake and comes from sewage, chemical fertilizers, or garden products.

The RM said it issued a water consumption advisory for the area. It said it’s experiencing high consumption rates in the area and the algae’s presence is restricting water treatment.

McMorris said the RM is at a critical point and if water consumption is not reduced a “do not consume” order will be issued.

“We’re asking people to please conserve their water use,” said McMorris.

Manitoba Sustainable Development had issued multiple algae advisories in the Victoria Beach area earlier this week.