WINNIPEG -- A vigil was held on Tuesday night to remember a Winnipeg mother who was killed in a crash in the city’s North End.

The collision took place on Saturday afternoon after police officers tried to stop a truck in the area of Salter Street and Boyd Avenue.

Police said once the driver of the truck saw the officers, they took off down the street and collided with a van at the intersection of Andrews Street and Boyd Avenue.

Four people in the vehicle that was hit, including an infant, and two from the fleeing truck were taken to hospital. One woman from the vehicle that was struck, who has been identified as Jennifer Dethmers, 30, died from her injuries.

Dethmers’ family confirmed the infant in the car, who remains in critical condition, is her son. The other two people in the car are her family members.

On Tuesday, Dethmers’s family, as well as other mourners, returned to the scene of the crash to honour her life.

“She was an amazing woman,” said Candy Volk, Dethmers’ mother.

“I’ve been up at the hospital with her baby since Saturday.”

Volk said Dethmers was in the process of preparing for her son’s very first Halloween.

“He’s going to be 10 months old on October 10,” she said.

“(Dethmers) was going to pick me up Saturday. She decorated her house for Halloween. It was going to be his very first Halloween.”

Among the tributes to Dethmurs at the vigil, there were also reminders about the current state of the world.

“I know she was really into social distancing because of her baby and she’d be going up to each and every one of you and say ‘social distancing,’” Volk said.

At the vigil, family and friends remembered Dethmers for her sense of humour and her advocacy work.

“She did a lot of walks for a lot of people,” Volk said.

“And she took on her own walk to honour the young people that we’ve lost. I never thought we’d be doing it for her.”

Dethmers family plans to hold a private funeral.

Armand Joseph Jr. Chartrand, 43, has been charged in connection with the crash.

He is facing a number of charges including dangerous operation of a conveyance causing death. None of these charges have been proven in court.

- With files from CTV’s Mike Arsenault, Touria Izri and Charles Lefebvre.