The province is changing visitation principles in care homes, clinics, and other care settings to reflect lower COVID-19 transmission rates.

In a news release, Shared Health Manitoba says they have found evidence of lower COVID-19 transmission levels across several areas, including a drop in hospitalization rates, fewer care home outbreaks, and a decrease in staff sick time. As a result the organization is adjusting restrictions to allow for more freedom of visitation and care.

Starting Thursday, June 30, 2022, the number of designated caregivers involved in the day-to-day care of a patient will go from two to as many as four. Designated caregivers will also no longer be required to wear eye protection during visits or while caring for their loved ones, and care homes will now have more room for social visitors.

Two caregivers may now take a patient into the emergency room instead of just one, and now cancer patients can have someone go with them to some types of appointments.

Masks are no longer required for outdoor appointments, but will still have to be worn inside.

The updated guidance can be found online. LINK: