With the Christmas shopping rush underway in Winnipeg, one local group is asking parents and stores to think carefully about the toys they are purchasing this holiday season.

Volunteers for Project Peacemakers, a religious organization that promotes peace, visited a number of stores across the city Saturday. The group rated toys the retailer carried according to whether or not they promoted violent or peaceful play.

The group looked at action figures, video-game displays and packaging.

The chair of Project Peacemakers’ board, Dianne Cooper, said the idea is not to ban certain toys but to encourage shoppers and stores to make choices that encourage peace.

“Are they putting something that looks like people killing each other at the eye level of a three year old or are they at least putting it up higher?” said Cooper.

The group offered feedback to retailers based on their findings, and Cooper said the group has already seen positive changes over the years.

Volunteers visited 12 stores over the weekend, and awarded certificates of merit to top-ranked stores.