WINNIPEG -- As Manitobans enjoy spring-like temperatures, they're being warned about the dangers of thin ice.

The Lifesaving Society Manitoba is advising everyone to stay off frozen bodies of water due to the above average and fluctuating temperatures in the province.

The society said the weather has made all ice in Manitoba unpredictable and potentially unsafe.

In Winnipeg, The Forks closed the Centennial River Trail for the season on March 2.

According to Environment Canada, the seasonal average for this time of year is -4 C in Winnipeg. On Saturday, the city saw a forecasted high of 7 C.

Lifesaving Society Water Smart Coordinator Dr. Christopher Love said if you have to go on the ice, make sure you're as safe as possible.

"If you do choose to go on the ice, then you need to plan ahead and be prepared to go through the ice and into cold water," said Love.

Love also offered some safety tips, "Wear something that floats, like a lifejacket over your winter clothes, don't go out alone, and be prepared to perform a rescue."

Lifesaving Society Manitoba says people should always consider some risk when going onto the ice, regardless of conditions.


(Source: Lifesaving Society Manitoba)