Winnipeg police remain tight lipped about Saturday's triple homicide, and that is creating speculation and more questions about what happened.

Three people have been arrested and charged, and they all have gang affiliations. While police say the killings weren't part of a gang turf war, others think Winnipeg gangs are capitalizing on an opportunity to expand.

Criminologist Frank Cormier says now is an opportune time for gangs to make their move in Winnipeg. He says after police arrested several Hells Angels members, it opened up new territory and new drug trades for smaller gangs.

"Those larger organization tend to want stability," he told CTV News. "They don't want people breaking into houses and shooting people in the streets. [They] bring more pressure for things to be calm."

That's not a conclusion Winnipeg police want the public to reach.

"At this time we are not saying that there is an escalation or there is any kind of gang or turf wars going on," Sgt. Sandra Martin said at a news briefing Tuesday. "We're not speaking to whether [the incident] is gang related violence. We don't want the public to be alarmed."

With the Hells Angels behind bars, and out of business in Winnipeg for an undetermined amount of time, experts can only speculate if this is just the beginning of what could be an escalating gang problem.

With a report from CTV's Kevin Armstrong