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WATCH: 104-year-old banjo player leads jam session in Manitoba

A Manitoba man is showing age is just a number when it comes to his musical passion.

Carm Colvin, who is 104 years old, is still bringing his musical talents to a jam session in Carman every Wednesday.

“Carm's sight isn't the greatest, but his ear for music is spot on,” his friend Bill Bunka wrote to CTV News Winnipeg. “He has impeccable timing and can still pick out numerous tunes on his banjo, leading the jam group.”

The centenarian has worn many hats over the years, from a farmer to an ice cream truck driver.

The one constant has been his music.

He picked up his first instrument as a child, and continued to learn an array of others including the violin, piano, guitar, mandolin, saxophone and ukulele.

But he prefers the twangy tune of the banjo.

Colvin was hospitalized with COVID-19 during the pandemic, but didn’t let the experience sideline him for too long.

He was back at his favourite spot playing tunes just one week after being released from the hospital. Top Stories

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