One of the constituencies to watch in the provincial election is Wolseley.

The boundaries have changed and NDP MLA Rob Altemeyer who held the seat since 2003, is no longer running.

In 2016, environmental activist and handyman David Nickarz placed second behind the NDP, with a margin of fewer than 400 votes. This time, he said, Wolseley will go green.

"I'm running a stronger campaign. I plan to take the riding," said Nickarz."I've been canvasing since April and we've hit the entire riding more than once."

Nickarz wants to take action on election reform, climate change, and fight poverty by giving people a basic income.

Lisa Naylor is running under the NDP banner. The school trustee in the area for the past five years said if elected she plans to focus most on the environment, education and health care.

"People have had such a hard time over the past few months, with really really long waits with emergency rooms, not being able to get the care they need, so that's what I'm hearing about the most," said Naylor.

Back in the race for a second time is Shandi Strong, who has been working with the Liberal Party for three years.

Strong said she is the only transgender candidate in the election and believes the top issues are saving the planet, education and meth.

"Their bikes are getting stolen, their barbeques are getting stolen, their car windows are getting smashed and that can largely be traced to a meth problem," said Strong.

The plan, divert money from legal cannabis to help prevent addiction and recovery.

The Progressive Conservative candidate for Wolseley is Liz Hildebrand.

She was not available Sunday for an interview. Hildebrand is an entrepreneur and mother of three.

In a statement to CTV News, she said in part:

"I'm excited to share our vision to help move Manitoba forward to ensure a strong economy for my children and yours. We are the only party that will make life more affordable for Manitobans with our 2020 tax rollback guarantee."

New Wolseley boundaries

Wolseley has new boundaries in this election, pushing further west and north.

Royce Koop is a political science associate professor at the University of Manitoba.

He said the new pocket could go green or orange, and likely won't change the NDP's previous hold in Wolseley.

"It's a strong NDP seat the party won in the last election when it was doing very poorly. If they can win last time, they can probably win this time," said Koop.