A man living in South Osborne says he's been living with major water problems for more than a month now.

It all began in October when the city began to make repairs to a water main in the area. Crews set up a temporary line to homes as a stop gap measure.

But resident Robert Barnes complains, he's experienced nothing but problems ever since.

"I just don't know who comes up with these ideas," he said.

While a temporary line was extended to bring water to homes in the area, Barnes says "the water pressure that we have in the line is non-existent."

Neighbor Linda Gryte has experienced similar problems with low water pressure and says sometimes her water is turned off completely while crews work.

"It's just been hard, to have some days when there's no water," said Gryte. "Not for the whole day, but for a portion of the day."

Barnes water is gone now too. And he doesn't know when it will return. He says the line froze Tuesday, leaving him without water to shower, flush the toilet or cook.

"I don't think that we should have all of this going on, for the simple fact that I don't think you do water in the middle of winter," he said.

In a statement, the City of Winnipeg tells CTV News the water main renewal on Brandon Avenue is anticipated to be completed by next week, and the contractor working on the project is available to thaw temporary water lines that may have frozen during the course of the work at no cost to the property owner.

Residents are advised to contact 311 to arrange for their temporary line to be thawed.