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'We're close': Winnipeg could soon be selling gas produced at Brady Landfill


The City of Winnipeg could soon start to sell gas produced at the Brady Road Landfill.

In the latest assessment from the water and waste department, it says the plan is for the city to provide the gas to a private company, which would then covert it to renewable natural gas. From there, the gas would be sold for on the open market. The hope is to have this running in about two years.

“It’s using what’s already there, what’s being produced by the landfill anyways and then cleaning it up so that it can be fed back into the pipeline,” said Coun. Brian Mayes, who chairs the water and waste committee.

The department is currently waiting on the provincial government to sign off on amendments to allow the project to move forward. If given the approval, construction on the facility could begin soon.

“We’re close. We’re close to getting that signed off…We seem to be on pace, we’re hoping to get it signed off very soon and get this working by 2026,” Mayes said.

According to Mayes, this plan could lower emissions at the landfill by 40 per cent as the gas would be captured and sold instead of flared.

A previous report stated that Winnipeg could make about $10 million over 20 years with this project.

“For what we could do at a city level, I think this is a good step forward,” Mayes said. Top Stories

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