Two band councillor with Sagkeeng First Nation tell CTV News the chief and council have handed out eviction notices at two suspected meth houses, which are slated for demolition on Friday.

In a video posted to social media on Monday, confirmed by CTV News with the woman who filmed it, community members gathered outside a house with the eviction notice.

During the video a woman at the house tells the group to get off her property and at one point yells out: “Your family buys here too.”

The group then reads from the notices stating they will be effective on Friday.

“We’re taking a stand against drugs,” one man is heard saying on the video

The band councillors said concerned community members have contacted them about drug dealers working and being at these houses.

They said council presented the eviction-demolition plan of action to elders and they accepted. 

They also met with legal and safety counsel, including a peace officer.

The councillors said they have jurisdiction over the two houses in question. They note the community is in crisis, with children as young as 13 being affected, and said the situation has been getting worse over the past two years. 

The councillors said at least five people are impacted by the evictions, but they won’t be kicked out of the band. Where they end up going is up to their discretion.

Council is planning a ceremony before the homes are demolished. 

They say the move is about making a statement.

“Sagkeeng will no longer tolerate drugs in our community. We’re not going to have it,” said one councillor.

They said there is more to come in the community to stop meth and this is just the beginning.