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What’s the worst road in Manitoba? An online campaign wants you to weigh in


CAA wants malcontent Manitobans to weigh in on the most pothole populated, categorically congested and downright downtrodden roads across the province.

The company has launched its annual Worst Roads campaign, with voting now open to the public.

Citizens can cast their ballot for the roads they give a failing grade based on issues ranging from poor road signs to cycling safety to those pesky potholes.

The company says with the rising cost of living, investing in roads and infrastructure is more important than ever.

“Either because of affordability or availability, many people are holding on to their cars a little longer these days; the last thing they should worry about is expensive repair bills on the already stretched family budget,” said Ewald Friesen, CAA Manitoba’s manager of government and community relations.

The company recently conducted a survey that found 54 per cent of its members experienced vehicle damage because of poor roads, with 70 per cent paying out of pocket for the repair. Only 16 per cent filed a claim with Manitoba Public Insurance, CAA Manitoba says, while 14 per cent skipped the repairs altogether.

According to CAA Manitoba, the damage to a vehicle from a pothole can range from $500 to $2,000 depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

The survey found customers spent $962 on average to repair their vehicles.

The campaign has been running since 2012. Since its inception, CAA Manitoba says roads that cracked its top ten lists have gone on to be repaired or upgraded altogether.

“We know that the campaign works and that decision-makers are listening,” Friesen said.

You can cast your vote in the Worst Roads campaign on CAA Manitoba’s website. Top Stories


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