WINNIPEG -- As the province announced the first step of reopening Manitoba on Wednesday, with it came the news that people will once again be able to show affection to friends and family.

During Wednesday's news conference, Dr. Brent Roussin, the chief provincial public health officer, was asked if people are to come over to a backyard event and everyone there is fully vaccinated, if they can they hug each other.

"So certainly there isn't anything in the, you know, in the public health orders that would necessarily prevent that," said Roussin.

As part of the new health orders, which will take effect June 26, outdoor gatherings on private property will expand to 10 people and visitors will also be allowed to briefly access homes for essential activities such as using the washroom.

"You're describing a very safe event there. You're outdoors, you're with fully vaccinated people."

Roussin did note that people will want to make sure no one attending is symptomatic.

"But yes, this is a lower-risk situation and we're going to have some more specific guidance on people like that. But what you described there is quite a safe gathering."