WINNIPEG -- New data from Google is showing where Manitobans are travelling to, as more businesses and services begin to reopen.

The data, released June 25 as part of Google’s ongoing COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports, tracks where Canadians are visiting from May 12 until June 23, two days after Manitoba entered the third phase of reopening.

According to the newest data, Manitobans have been visiting parks more in recent months. Since May 12, visits to parks in Manitoba have increased 141 per cent, compared to the baseline data.

Manitobans are also visiting grocery stories, with a nine per cent increase over baseline data since May 12.

The data is also showing Manitobans are spending more time at home, up nine per cent compared to the baseline.

The third phase of reopening has seen more businesses reopen, with some capacity limits.

In the most recent data, visits to retail and recreation locations in Manitoba are down just two per cent compared to the baseline. In May, right before the first phase of reopening came into effect, visits were down 42 per cent.

Transit ridership continues to be down as well, with a 39 per cent decline compared to the baseline.

Finally, while workplace attendance has fluctuated through the data, it’s still down 32 per cent compared to the baseline.

The company first released data on community movement during the COVID-19 pandemic in April.

Google said the baseline data is comprised of the median value of visits for the corresponding day of the week, during the period from January 3 to February 6, 2020.

The company uses aggregated, anonymized data on movement trends to help create the data. Google said no personally identifiable information, such as contacts, movements, and location, is made available.

-With files from CTV’s Kayla Rosen