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Why Manitobans should vote for the province's worst roads


Is there a stretch of road in Manitoba that you drive often that you just can't stand? CAA Manitoba wants to hear from you.

CAA has launched its Worst Roads Campaign. The campaign is about finding the roads with the worst all-around infrastructure.

"Potholes are not the only thing that makes a worst road," said Teresa Di Felice, the assistant vice president of government and community relations with CAA. "Transit users, pedestrians, cycles, drivers, are all impacted by poor design, congestion, a lack of active transportation or even poor road signs."

CAA Manitoba President Tim Scott said while fixing potholes is important, there is much more that goes into a safe road.

"No matter how Manitobans use their roads, they should be able to do it safely, meaning we need to consider all road infrastructure and traffic issues," Scott said in a news release.

Last year's worst road, which was voted by Manitobans, was Provincial Road 307 in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

The reasons for being on the top of the list were constant winter heaving, poor patching and flooding nearly every spring.

Di Felice said most CAA members are having to pay out of pocket to fix their vehicles, rather than filing a claim.

"Our bad roads have a direct impact on Manitoban's pocketbooks," she said.

A survey of CAA Manitoba members found that 82 per cent don't think enough work is being done to maintain roads in their area and 64 per cent believe roads in their area have become worse.

The results of the Worst Roads Campaign are put to good use as Di Felice said the results are used to show government officials what needs to change.

"We need your votes because CAA uses the results of the campaign to advocate to the government for permanent and dedicated funding from both the provincial and federal levels of governments, to help municipalities plan, repair, rehabilitate and restore roads and bridges in their communities."

2022's top 10 worst roads were:

· Provincial Road 307

· Saskatchewan Avenue, Wpg

· Waller Avenue, Wpg

· Provincial Trunk Hwy 34, Pilot Mound

· 18th Street, Brandon

· Provincial Trunk Hwy 44, Lockport to Whiteshell

· Leila Avenue, Wpg

· Kenaston Boulevard, Wpg

· Dawson Road North, Wpg

· Goulet Street, Wpg Top Stories

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