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Why the Winnipeg Blue Bombers QB is in the Kelce family box with Taylor Swift

Zach Collaros in the Kelce family box. (Source: CBS Sports) Zach Collaros in the Kelce family box. (Source: CBS Sports)

Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterrback Zach Collaros joined Taylor Swift and the Kelce family this past weekend in football’s most famous cheering section.

Collaros was spotted in the Kelce family box in Buffalo, alongside Swift and Jason Kelce, as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Buffalo Bills.

TSN posted an image to social media, pointing out the fact that Collaros got to cheer on the Chiefs with the music icon and the Kelce family. TSN notes that Collaros and the Kelce brothers were roommates when they played football at the University of Cincinnati.

The Chiefs beat the Bills 27 to 24. Top Stories


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