WINNIPEG -- Winnipeggers are reporting turkey sightings throughout the city, and no they aren't on people's dinner tables.

One video shows a rafter of turkeys waddling on the side of the road, barely avoiding traffic.

The person who posted the video said this happened near the end of March on north McPhillips.

Now the turkeys aren't the only poultry showing up. One CTV News Winnipeg viewer sent a video of a peacock and a turkey going head to head.

The video was recorded in Birds Hill Park.

Spotting the turkeys is not uncommon according to the Winnipeg Humane Society. On its Facebook page, it said Winnipeg has a "decent-sized" wild turkey population and they roam around more in the spring.

"These turkeys have not escaped from nearby farms and there is no need for animal control—they are definitely wild animals. Please be on the lookout and be sure to leave them be and give them plenty of space," the post said.

A spokesperson for the province said turkeys like to come to Winnipeg because there is a good supply of food, like bird feeders, there are trees for roosting and there aren't many predators.

"Turkeys will usually back off if people act big and don't run. Overall turkeys are not dangerous and will usually run away from humans," the spokesperson said.

They added if people are looking for deterrent, they can get scare owls and motion-activated sprinklers to keep them out of yards.