Nine rescued coyote pups need help. The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre put out the call for help after the two-week old pups were dropped off at their facility in Île-des-Chênes.

They were found abandoned and near-death on a property near Brandon, the centre said in a news release. They say they will have challenges bottle feeding the animals, building cages and obtaining food to prepare them for release in about four months.

"We're going to have to rear them," said Dan Diawol. "Right now, they're on bottle feedings. And we're going to actually build some proper caging so they can be isolated and raised away from people at our centre here. And then in about four-months' time, when they're independent, we'll have to release them back to the wild."

The centre also warns about bunnies at this time of year. Diawol says, although bunnies look cute and cuddly, people should keep their distance from them and not try to pet them.

"If you come across a nest of baby bunnies, just leave it be. The mother only comes to care for them once or twice a day, and usually at night, and you won't even see her. So just leave them in yard where you found them and they'll probably be fine."

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