WINNIPEG -- Manitoba health officials said they could not say yet what the holiday season will look like in Manitoba until they see the results of current restrictions.

At a news conference on Friday, Dr. Brent Roussin, chief provincial public health officer, was asked if Manitoba would consider allowing small gatherings over the holidays, granted that people self-isolate for a period before and after – similar to what is being proposed by the Quebec premier.

Roussin said the province will have targeted messaging and advice for Manitobans surrounding the holiday season, but it will largely depend on what happens with COVID-19 cases between now and then.

“That messaging is going to look very different if we have a very successful uptake of these measures and our numbers are much improved by that time than if we’re still trying to find ways of limiting the ongoing transmission,” he said.

This question comes as the province entered enhanced restrictions aimed at limiting social contacts.

Under the new health orders, gatherings at private residences are restricted, with nobody allowed in a home except for those who live there. Exceptions to this rule include home-care, health-care and child-care services, as well as tutoring, repairs, construction, and emergency response services. Those who live alone can also have one person visit their home.

- With files from CTV’s Selena Ross.