Work to begin controlling the mosquito population in Winnipeg will begin next week.

The city announced Thursday that the annual insect control season will start on April 26, and it’s focused on larviciding mosquitoes to help control the population before they emerge as adults. The city uses larvicide to target mosquito larvae in the aquatic stage.

In a statement, the city said a “routine larviciding program is anticipated this year,” adding that mosquitoes have started to hatch in the water. The city noted there is a smaller amount of standing water compared to usual due to the below-normal precipitation in the fall and winter.

Ground equipment and helicopters will be used for the larviciding operations, and the city will monitor over 28,000 hectares of water area on an ongoing basis.

Monitoring for adult nuisance mosquitoes using traps will start April 30, with the first trap counts being posted May 3.

If adult nuisance mosquito removal needs to be completed, the city will give 24-hour notice to the neighbourhoods before completing the work. Residents who wish to not have the treatment occur on their property can email or submit their request on 311’s website.

Residents are reminded to eliminate standing water on their properties to help prevent mosquitoes from nesting or hatching.