Amateur and professional brewers are head-to-head in a local battle of the beers. The Manitoba Pro/Am Beer Competition was created by the Winnipeg Brew Bombers. Organizer David Phillips says there are about 410 entries from across Canada.

“About 150 of those are local – from right here in Winnipeg. So we got quite a few local beers,” he says.

Beers came from BC, Quebec, and even the Northwest Territories. Phillips says only 40 are from professionals. The rest come from amateurs who brew as a hobby.

There are 22 judges tasked with picking a winner. Almost all are certified beer judges.

“For our first year for the competition, to be getting the quality of entries that we’re getting… I’m very, very happy with the way things are going,” says judge David Rudge.

Rudge is the Brewmaster and President of Half Pints brewery in Winnipeg. The competition’s winner will take over his brewery for a day to create a larger batch of their winning recipe. Half Pints will then distribute the winning beer in select locations.

“Having the chance to see your beer out enjoyed by the general public… as an amateur brewer that’s got to be like the Stanley Cup,” says home brewer and competitor, Paul Mailhot.

The winning beer will be announced on Sunday.