A former Winnipeg convenience store owner convicted of conspiracy to murder could face up to six years behind bars and deportation from Canada.

Amare Gebru, 44, was found guilty in June of plotting the murder of his former business partner back in 2012.

Gebru, a native of Ethiopia, has had his landed immigrant status since 2006 but isn’t a Canadian citizen. That means a sentence greater than six months could result in deportation.

While the crown is seeking a six year sentence, Gebru’s lawyer is asking for a five month and 29 day term in hopes of keeping the Ethiopian in Canada.

According to Gebru’s supporters he is considered a political rebel in his home country and could face even greater punishment if sent back.

“This guy may face jail but even worse than that. Torture, because he’s spoken out against the government,” said Ali Saeed, Gebru’s friend. “It’s the worst government in African history. It’s very tough to send him back.”

“He’s not a very bad man,” said Saeed. “He made a mistake as a human being.”

The judge is expected to hand down the decision November 20.