WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg carpenter is working to let some felines have fun in the outdoors.

Marissa Lajeunesse, also known as The Winnipeg Cat Carpenter, has been a carpenter for years and loves cats and decided to combine the two passions.

"It sounds silly. Everyone is like 'What do you do? You build things for cats?' and I said, 'Yeah, that’s what I do – I build things for cats,'" Lajeunesse said. "That is all I want to do."


(Source: Jamie Dowsett/ CTV News Winnipeg)

Lajeunesse specifically builds 'catios' – patios for cats.

"I built one for myself, and I right away realized that other people would want them here in Winnipeg," Lajeunesse said. "When I looked online, there was nobody doing it that you could find."

Lajeunesse said the catios range in size and price and can be customized to fit specific spaces.


(Source: The Winnipeg Cat Carpenter/ Facebook)

"To build things and to see the smiles on not only the house owner's and the pet owner's face, but their cats," Lajeunesse said.

"(The cats) are usually a little skeptical at first, and then they right away lay down and they are excited and they are jumping all over the place."