WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg family is thanking intensive care staff at Winnipeg's Grace Hospital with some meals after the team saved a loved one's life - and this family isn't the only one in the city showing their support.

Lately, Winnipeggers have been stepping up to support the front line workers at Grace Hospital, from surgeons to cleaning crews.

Jon Einarson, the executive director of the Grace Hospital Foundation, told CTV News community members and local businesses are actively going the extra step to say thank you. 

Most recently, that thankfulness was directed towards the ICU staff.

“This family sent this incredible note about how in the recent past we had saved the lives of one of their family members in that department and they just wanted to give a little something back," Einarson said.

"I will tell you the food was amazing but the note that we all read and shared was a million times more."

Robert Johnson, the owner of D Jay’s Restaurant, said recently a few families ordered meals for the staff at Grace Hospital and he’s honoured his business can help lift the spirits of front line workers.

“I think it's great," Johnson said. "I think it is wonderful how this community gets behind them and supports them. I know other restaurants have done it too.”

Will Gault, the owner of Willy's Dogs, said the staff at Grace Hospital have been there in times of need for his family. He made a donation to give back

“It was just something more personal and not a business aspect because of what they are doing every day," said Gault.

"They're the ones who are on the front lines every day - especially in the ICUs. And they are the ones caring for the most vulnerable people right now.”

Munther Zeid, the owner of Food Fare, said Grace Hospital is close to home and staff has been there to support his family and now it is time for to be there for them

“The other day, my mom had an appointment there and I walked in and I handed out a bunch of Tims cards to a bunch of the people there," Zeid said. "Seeing a smile on their face makes their day and hopefully makes it a little bit easier for them."

Zeid added he hopes more people from around the community will reach out to any of the local hospitals and lend a helping hand.

“All the hospitals in the city all need our support and help, so I am basically telling everyone - do what you can,” said Zeid.