WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg couple restoring vintage hot rods in their two-car garage is making waves on the internet.

Danielle Lester and Dan Malcolmson started DD Speed Shop, named after the pair, out of their suburban home.

"So DD Speed Shop is our YouTube page and kind of our lifestyle," said Lester, standing by one of the five classic cars in the driveway. "It's all about collecting old cars, bringing them back to life and getting the younger generation involved in restoring classics."

Restoring classic cars has been a long time passion for Malcolmson, who started wrenching on them when he was 14.

"It's just an addiction," he said, "I love pulling up at a red light and never seeing the same car beside you."

Malcolmson prides himself on being self-reliant, filming all his videos with a GoPro in his garage.

"Space is an issue, I just have this little two-car garage so I can only fit one car in at a time," he said.

But according to Lester, that's part of the channel's charm.


"He takes care of going step by step for people, showing them you can do pretty much anything in a two-car garage, in the driveway, with whatever tools are available to you at a really low cost so you can enjoy the classics," she said.


As outlined by Malcomson, he tends to buy rougher cars that are rusty and not running.

"I'm better at buying than selling," he said. "They sort of become part of the family. I definitely grow attached to these cars."

DD Speed Shop has been around for a few years but's only seen a surge in subscribers recently.

"It's just taking off," said Malcolmson. "We were late to a lot of people. Being able to work on ratty cars is relatable, I guess."

The YouTube channel has amassed almost 50,000 subscribers, with fans as far away as Europe tuning in.

Along with cars, Lester said the channel gives another important message.

"Really, whatever you love, just do that," she said. "Keep doing what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life."

To give back to the fans, the couple is giving away a 50s Chevy in a draw on YouTube.