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Winnipeg dealing with dozens of problem properties


The City of Winnipeg is sounding the alarm as it continues to deal with dozens of problem properties, including vacant or derelict buildings.

Since January 2024, police have inspected 39 properties, responded to 282 calls for service at problem properties, and boarded up 114 buildings.

The problem properties task force provided an update on the situation at the property and development committee meeting on Tuesday.

According to task force member Moira Geer, there are still several properties in the city that require remediation. This includes 21 situations where enforcement officers are working with property owners, as well as 48 properties that will be remediated by the city.

“When the city takes on the remediation that ultimately gets added to tax,” she said.

One of the steps the city has taken to deal with these properties is bringing in smoke detectors and educating community members about fire safety.

“The number of visits in the last two months, they’ve visited over 2,000 homes…This year alone, they’ve done more in two months than they would typically do the entire year,” Geer said.

“It’s a very targeted neighbourhood piece. Neighbourhoods have really welcomed that presence and that education and the feet on the street knocking on doors.”

The City of Winnipeg has also introduced a number of enforcement measures for vacant buildings, including charging property owners for fire response services. Top Stories

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