The work of a suspended Winnipeg pathologist has been under the microscope for months. But after an extensive review of more than 800 of his cases, Dr. Robert Stark has received what amounts to exoneration.

An external review of the pathologist's work found that overall he showed good work practice, and that errors in his work were within the standard margin of error.

Two of his complex cases had errors resulting in a changed course of treatment; however officials say the delay in a correct diagnosis will not impact the patients' prognosis.

There were 40 other cases with errors that did not have any impact on patients' treatment.

The reviewer had no suggestions for improvement and says further review isn't needed.

Despite the exoneration, Stark has decided to retire. But the report's finding allow him to leave his practice knowing in many respects the review was somewhat affirming of his skill.

The WRHA says changes are on the horizon to help reduce errors. Officials say some challenging cases may get an automatic second opinion.

The review of Stark's work was announced back in May after a colleague discovered an error.

With a report from CTV's Jon Hendricks.