Winnipeg is traditionally known for its cold winters.

While many like to talk a lot about the snow, the amount that falls annually in Winnipeg normally does not measure up to the snowfall in other large cities like Ottawa and Montreal.

This year is different, and Winnipeg is the snowiest.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, so far this has been the second snowiest December of all time in Winnipeg, with more than 67 centimetres of snowfall.

The last time the city a lot of snow in the month of December, was in 1909 when a walloping 101 centimetres fell.

The 25 centimetres of snowfall in Winnipeg on Christmas Day also shattered the previous record of 9.4 centimeters in 1938.

"It's quite remarkable that there is nobody alive that has seen so much snow in Winnipeg in the month of December," David Phillips said, Environment Canada’s senior climatologist.

He estimates that there is around 50 centimetres of snow on the ground in Winnipeg right now, which is more than any other Canadian city.

"It’s a significant amount of snow in a city that is not known for the snow, you're known for the cold, but not the snow," Phillips said.

More snow means more work with those who are assigned the task of clearing it.

"We're noticing it, we're pretty beat up,” said Nathan Labbe, owner of the private snow removal company HeroSnow Removal.

He said normally his service is fully booked for the month of December, but last week he momentarily offered on-call snow removal services and received 75 phone calls in one day.

“We’re trying to keep up,” he added.

The snow is a cause to celebrate at the Stony Mountain Ski Area, according co-owner Heather Campbell-Dewar.

"Getting all this fresh snow and that is great, it has probably saved us about 30 per cent on our snow making operations," she said.

The City of Winnipeg announced on Friday that the Kenaston snow disposal site will be closed to the public for the remainder of this winter season because it's full.

Right now the city said there are about 450 pieces of heavy equipment clearing snow.