It started out as small bumps but the Paluck family said now their whole house shakes every time a bus or large vehicle drives past in Windsor Park.

Caroline Paluck said the shaking at her home won’t stop. Every day the senior pushes her valuables back towards the wall before the shaking moves them closer to the edge again.

"All of my china, everything shakes until some of it literally got broken," said Paluck.

Paluck’s son said outside the home large cracks are forming along the walls and eaves troughs.

Paluck believes potholes on the streets in front and adjacent to her home are adding to the problem.

Other neighbours like Neal Neufeld said they feel the shaking as well.

“All of a sudden there's a quick shudder of the whole building, the whole structure seems to shake for a split second and it's kind of unnerving actually," said Neufeld.

Other residents said the shaking won't stop until homeowners put in concrete piles to help support the home’s foundation.

The Palucks say they've called 311 to ask for reduced bus speeds and to fix the pothole in a bid to help reduce the shaking.

The city said it's looking into the issue.