WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg garden centre that reopened has decided to shut its doors again.

Sage Garden Greenhouses is temporarily closing and sticking to curbside delivery after shoppers were disrespectful to the store's employees.

"We had a lot of amazing customers who came and understood the COVID-19 precautions we had in place," said Dave Hanson, owner of Sage Garden Greenhouses. "Some people, however, found it very challenging to be met with rules and regulations about how our shopping space was set up."

The store opened first reopened Saturday, May 9.

Hanson said the store's new rules are similar to those at grocery stores.

"Out and about in the world right now, this is how it is, but for some people, it is offensive that we would follow through with that," he said.

The greenhouse is reducing the number of people allowed inside, making all customers use a cart, and limiting couples and children.

"People did not like our staff, acting like security guards, and that's not what we are," said Hanson. "But we are required to ensure my staff feels confident they can work with the public right now, and the government has emphasized people have to be respectful of these rules,"

Hanson plans to reopen the greenhouse on May 23, once it's able to expand its outdoor shopping area.

-With files from CTV's Renee Rodgers and Touria Izri