A 9-year old Winnipeg girl went home hurt and upset from a Grey Cup event Thursday after she says a member of the military mocked her first name.

The girl's first name is Isis. Isis Fernandes said she wants people to know her name has nothing to do with a terror group. 

She said her name means beautiful Egyptian goddess, but people don’t think that.

Thursday Fernandes joined classmates at an obstacle course as part of Grey Cup events for kids at the University of Winnipeg’s RecPlex.

She was having fun until it was time to collect the completion certificate.

“He asked me what my name was is, and I said Isis, and he said ‘I'm not writing that down,’ and I'm like, why that's my name, and he said, ‘sure it is,” said Fernandes.

Her mother, Amanda said the behaviour crossed the line, especially coming from an adult, and wants an apology.

"She’s supposed to have a great time, a wonderful time, and to have her come home in tears, her name is given to her for reason and now people are making fun of it," she said .

Obstacle course supervisor and organizer, Major Cindy Pettitt with 17 Wing, didn't witness the exchange, but said the member approached her following the incident.

Pettitt says it was loud in the sports complex, and the member asked for clarification on the name several times, but did not intend to bully the student.

“I think it was a misunderstanding at the time,” said Pettitt. “He is sorry and is willing to meet with the child and her mother to express his apologies, said Pettitt."

Pettitt said the member was removed from signing future certificates, and now understands the true meaning of the name.

Still Isis Fernandes is having a hard time coping.

"It makes me sad because it's my real name and I'm proud to say that," she said.

Fernandes said she wants people to know the name Isis has nothing to with bombs, and everything to do with beauty.