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Winnipeg high school basketball coach steps away after confrontation with referee during game


A basketball game this past weekend between two Winnipeg high schools is attracting a lot of attention, and it isn't because of a spectacular play.

During the game, the coach of one of the teams went onto the court to confront the referees.

It was during the fourth quarter of a game between Garden City Collegiate and St Paul's High School. A call went against Garden City, and their coach was not pleased.

"He entered the court, which very rarely happens, particularly in high school sports at this level," said Mike Maryk, provincial supervisor for the Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials.

Maryk said the Garden City Collegiate coach was upset about a call – and was quickly given two technical fouls – which means he's supposed to leave. But he didn't.

"He came running across the floor yelling at him, trying to get into him. And a kind of little melee ensued. There were players everywhere and everyone in the stands had their phones," said Maryk.

After short period of time, the coach did leave the court and the game resumed.

But it's an upsetting incident for Chad Falk, executive director of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association. "Not impressed by what we saw.  It's not what the MHSAA believes in," said Falk.

Falk said all coaches from kindergarten to grade 12 must take a respect in sport program prior to any coaching activities.

"His actions were not becoming of what we expect from a high school coach.  So obviously what was taught in that respect in sport course was not followed on that day in that event."

Referee University, a YouTube page dedicated to referee education, says the incident can be used to help learn about how to be better at dealing with these scenarios. A spokesperson tells CTV News, "Even on correct referee calls, the game can get out of hand and we have to be prepared to deal with it."

A spokesperson for the Seven Oaks school division declined to appear on camera.

But they tell CTV News the coach is going to step away from the team for the remainder of the season.

Maryk said that is an acceptable outcome.

"I'm hoping this should be it.  It should be a non-issue, and come next fall hopefully next fall we can welcome the coach back and move forward with it."

St. Paul's won the game 93 to 82. Top Stories

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