The Winnipeg Jets take long road trips and have to eat plenty of meals in restaurants. That makes a great home cooked meal all the more valuable

The Jets players and their families are sharing some of their favourite recipes in a cookbook called Our Jets at Home. It features more than 50 recipes including, “Wheeler's Turkey Black Bean Chili,” “Ladd's Monster Cookies,” and “Peluso's BBQ Ribs.”

"We have our traditional Finnish salmon soup, which sounds kind of crazy, but is actually very delicious, and is the only way I can get my kids to eat fish, because it's not fishy at all,” said Katerina Jokinen. “It's my favourite. It's Olli's favourite."

Each book costs $29.95 and can be picked up at any Jets gear location. All proceeds will go to the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation.

Dustin Byfuglien returned from injury to the Winnipeg Jets lineup, just in time for the release of the Dustin Byfuglien bobble-head.

“Ah, it is what is. It's a bobble-head,” said Byfuglien.

Fiancé Emily Hendrysays Byfuglien is very superstitious, and that includes what kind of sauce he puts on his pasta before the game.

"We gave our vodka sauce,” said Hendry. “Dustin has ate this for pregame meal for the last five years, in Chicago. We've done the same thing, every single game day, I have to make it fresh."

"He actually switched to meat sauce the last two games, but decided to go back to vodka, now."

You can get the recipe for “Byfuglien's Vodka Sauce,” and the rest of team's culinary favourites when the Jets cookbook hits Jets gear stores on April 2.