WINNIPEG -- Two Winnipeg police officers will not be facing any charges after a man broke his arm during an arrest, according to Manitoba’s police watchdog.

The incident took place on Oct. 29, 2019, in a back lane on William Avenue, just west of Juba Street, when two officers approached a man who was “acting suspiciously,” according to the Independent Investigation Unit (IIU).

Police then determined the man had three outstanding warrants and told him he was under arrest.

The IIU said in a news release that during the arrest the man was “uncooperative and combative,” which caused officers to wrestle him to the ground in order to restrain him.

Police then took the man to the Provincial Remand Centre, because of what the IIU described as his “apparent intoxication and violent behaviour.”

While being admitted to the remand centre, the man said his left arm might be broken. Officers took him to the Health Sciences Centre, where it was confirmed his arm was broken.

The IIU investigated by interviewing the man and the medical practitioner who treated his harm. Investigators reviewed the officers’ notes, reports, call history, the use-of-force report, medical reports, and the certificates of failure to appear in court.

The IIU’s civilian director determined the officers’ actions were reasonable and necessary to control and detain the man.

The matter is now closed.