A Winnipeg mother and father are speaking out after they say their daughter was attacked and hit with a shovel, in hopes of warning other parents.

Eugene and Irene Yelenchuk sat down with CTV News in their home, not far from the intersection where their daughter was allegedly assaulted by a stranger, at Paddington and Aldgate Road.

The couple told CTV they were at home Tuesday afternoon, when their 10-year-old daughter came flying in after her walk home from school.

“I just heard her screaming, ‘Mom I need daddy,’” said Irena Yelenchuk.

Yelenchuk said she asked Daniella what happened, and was told she was chased by someone in a black jacket with their face covered.

Eugene Yelenchuk explained that his daughter told him the individual hit her on the head with a shovel.

“Kind of a small shovel with a metal head,” he said.

The Yelenchuks called police right away to report the incident, and even went to the intersection to see if the person was still there.

They said they were shocked and their daughter was left stressed and afraid.

“It’s the kind of situation you’re not dealing with every day. Like she’s scared now,” said the parents.

The day before the incident, the Yelenchuks said Daniella told them she’d seen a masked person in the area, but they thought it might simply be a prank.

They decided to share their story as a warning to other parents, and to encourage people to have discussions about safety with their children.

The couple also reported the incident to their daughter’s school, Samuel Burland.

A representative with the Louis Riel School Division told CTV the school was using the opportunity to speak with students about safety and encouraged parents to do the same at home with their children.

The Winnipeg Police Service said it was aware of the incident and officers were investigating.

As of Thursday afternoon, no arrests had been made.

Police also advised students to walk in pairs when possible, or join a walking school bus.