An officer with the Winnipeg Police Service has been charged with assault causing bodily harm following an investigation by Manitoba’s police watchdog.

According to the Independent Investigation Unit the charge is in connection with a 2017 incident, where a 32-year-old was allegedly assaulted by an off-duty officer.

On June 4, 2018, the IIU said it was investigating after a complainant alleged that in March 2017 he was arrested by an off-duty officer who kneed and punched him, which resulted in head injuries. In the previous news release regarding the investigation, the watchdog said it had been determined that the complainant may have permanent hearing damage.

Following the investigation, IIU civilian director Zane Tessler determined there was reasonable and probably grounds to believe a criminal offence occurred.

On Monday, Ptl. Sgt. Sean Cassidy was notified of the charge and issued a summons to appear in court on March 11.

The IIU said it won't comment further as the matter is now before the court.