WINNIPEG -- A first-quarter report to the Winnipeg Police Board predicts revenue forecasts for the Winnipeg Police Service for 2020 will be down by $7.9 million related to COVID-19, with a decrease in photo and traditional enforcement.

Photo enforcement revenue is projected to be $6.9 million under budget, and traditional enforcement is estimated to be down by $2 million.

Until this week, photo enforcement was not being done in elementary school zones while schools and daycares were closed.

“We haven’t been involved in as much enforcement because there hasn’t been as much traffic out in March, April and May,” said Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth on Tuesday. “That’s starting to change now, but things like that have had an impact on our operations.”

The report said cost estimates for the year are up $5.6 million due to COVID-19 expenses, the police pension shortfall, and the Guns and Gangs program.

It also says overtime is trending up compared to last year and could be further impacted by the pandemic.

Smyth did not say if the shortfalls would lead to any layoffs of officers or cadets.

“The budget is a concern, and we’ll work with the board and city administration to address that in the coming years,” he said.